The Philadelphia Inquirer examined two years of health department reports for large grocers in Philadelphia and Bucks Counties and determined that Wegmans and Aldi were the cleanest supermarket chains.

Fresh Grocer, Whole Foods and Shop N Bag ranked at the bottom of the list, while Giant, ShopRite and Acme were in the middle of the pack.
According to Supermarket News, a recent study found that 83% of customers only pick retail outlets that appear clean to them, and 33% of customers said that have left a store that did not seem clean.
The results:
1. Wegmans
2. Aldi
3. Walmart
4. Target
5. Giant
6. Save-A-Lot
7. Thriftway
8. ShopRite
9. Acme
10. Fresh Grocer
11. Whole Foods
12. Shop N Bag