I read an article in the March issue of Shopping Centers Today this morning about food shopping. It had a number of interesting tidbits:

  • Low-income shoppers typically buy 45% of household groceries at a traditional supermarket, 38% at a mass merchandiser (ex. Walmart), and the rest elsewhere (dollar store, drug store, etc.).
  • Shoppers with incomes of $100,000 or more spend 56% of their food budget at a traditional supermarket and 17% at a club store.
  • Supermarkets used to have 80% of the grocery market; now it’s under 50%.
  • Walmart accounts for about 33% of the U.S. grocery market; Kroger, Safeway and Supervalu each hold between 4% and 9%. Target holds about 3%.
  • Half the respondents to a survey said they would spend more on groceries this year as compared to last year, and nearly 40% said they would spend about the same.
  • Seven of 10 respondents to the survey mentioned above said they make at least one trip to the grocery store per week.

You can find the complete story here: Shopping Centers Today