At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, Samsung showed off its new Family Hub refrigerator that will allow owners to order groceries from ShopRite through the appliance’s built-in screen. ShopRite plans to integrate its online grocery service with the Groceries by MasterCard app that comes with the refrigerator.

According to published reports, ShopRite customers will be able to use the appliance’s integrated tablet to order groceries and schedule in-store pickups or at-home delivery.
“By partnering with Groceries by MasterCard, we can make life even more convenient for our customers with this latest innovation in on-demand grocery shopping,” said Wakefern Food Corp. President and CEO Joe Sheridan. “This new technology incorporated into the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator allows families immediate access to our ShopRite stores the moment they run out of food or need immediate ingredients for a recipe or planned meal.”
“This new product is really cool, although it gives humans another reason not to leave the house and talk to other humans,” said at least a few people who read this blog post.