Lidl announced this week that it plans to open 50 new stores by the end of next year and will invest more than $500 million to do so. The company says new stores will open in the nine states it currently operates in – New Jersey (10 new stores), Maryland (10), Virginia (7), New York (6), Georgia (6), North Carolina (5), Pennsylvania (4), Delaware (1) and South Carolina (1).

Lidl currently operates 104 U.S. stores, with another opening next month in Virginia.

Aldi, Lidl’s chief rival, is also expanding at a brisk pace, and just passed the 2,000 store mark in the U.S. The company expects to open at least 70 new stores by the end of the year, including four in Arizona, its 37th state.

Closer to home, Aldi announced that its eighth Long Island store will open this week. With the opening, Aldi will have 15 locations in New York City and Long Island. Lidl currently operates six stores in Long Island, with more expected, including the ongoing conversion of Best Market stores that the company acquired last year.