The Food Trade News is a great source of valuable news for me, and it’s also a great source for not-so-valuable-but-interesting information. For example, the November 2011 issue includes the list of the Top 200 Edible Grocery Items by dollar sales in the Delaware Valley. Not surprisingly, Coke (Classic) is tops, with nearly $25 million in sales from October 2010 through October 2011.

After Coke Classic are the following:

#2) Herrs Potato Chips ($23.7 million)
#3) Pepsi ($22.1 million)
#4) Hellmans Mayo ($20.8 million)
#5) Gatorade Perform Sports Drinks ($18.4 million)
#6) Campbells Cond Wet Soup ($16.5 million)
#7) Diet Coke ($16.5 million)
#8) Poland Spring Water ($14.7 million)
#9) Maxwell House Ground Coffee ($14.2 million)
#10) Progresso Rts Wet Soup ($14.1 million)

The surprises for me are potato chips at number 2 and two soup labels in the top 10. Hmmm, is there anything good for you on that list besides water?

As for the Top Non-Edible Grocery Items…

#1) Scott Toilet Tissue ($31 million)
#2) Bounty Paper Towels ($27.3 million… the quicker picker upper)
#3) Tide Liq Laundry Detergent ($25.5 million)
#4) Kleenex Facial Tissue ($9.1 million)
#5) Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food ($8.7 million)

Oh how we love to wipe, clean, blow… and feed our cats!

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